It’s a small, but extremely connected world. This is true for the information you can access from all over the world and your ability to connect with the most important decision makers and business leaders from all over our planet. This is particularly evident in the world of global business. Global business is the term that refers to any company or organization who conducts business outside of the country in which it is headquartered.

All businesses must be prepared to tackle the challenges of global trade. This means knowing the nuances and complexities of international business, and knowing how to collaborate with partners and colleagues in countries with different cultures than their own.

The undergraduate Journal of Global Business and Trade JGBT, also known as JGBT contains articles, reports and other comments that are relevant to global business. It is also an official journal of the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE).

Whether you are a business owner who is thinking of going global or need to ensure your team is ready for the future, it’s crucial to know the impact of cultural differences on the success of your business abroad. This means understanding the customs, holidays, beliefs and social norms of the various cultures that you will encounter in your global business ventures. It’s an excellent way to boost your “export IQ.” It can also be beneficial to know what to expect from business acquaintances in other countries, for example, differing comfort levels with personal space or how to greet a coworker in a foreign language.